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Brave Radar

Brave Radar is a leading provider of ultra-high thread count, oblique, pastoral pop tapestries. Co-lead vocalists Conor and Tessa work the guitar loom. Unflappable Andrew stitches up the double-jointed bass patterns. Drummer Gabriel keeps a steady hand on the serger for the sharp cuts and invisible seams.

Lion Head


Brave Radar's first vinyl release, Lion Head, is a characteristically sibylline distillation of the sound they have been crafting since forming in 2007. Recorded at The Bottle Garden, Freelove Fenner's all-analog home studio, the new album belies its minimalist approach, weaving a multi-referential tapestry that is centred by a glacial Broadcast-esque restraint, even as it draws in the influence of 60s psychedelia, the film scores of composer Ennio Morricone, and the artier ends of early 80s new wave.

In contrast to Brave Radar's earlier albums that were written and multitracked at home, Lion Head highlights contributions from the band's live members Gabriel Ng and Andrew Forsythe. Many songs were recorded live off the floor as a band.

Release Date: June 10, 2016

  • 1. Earth Control
  • 2. Atmosphere Room
  • 3. Castle Mixer
  • 4. My Dimension
  • 5. Silver Touch
  • 6. Moves In Time
  • 7. Covered In Toys
  • 8. Diving Bird
  • 9. Lion Head
  • 10. Join The Team
  • 11. Unexpected Matter
  • 12. New Shades
  • 13. Carousel

12" Vinyl (includes download code) - $18 + shipping

Message Centre


Brave Radar return with their first new album in 5 years: Message Centre, an 8-song collection about cars, nightmares, and office life.

The cassette EP marks a newly re-energized Brave Radar, brimming with inventive melodies and fresh ideas. With this latest offering, the group remains radically economical yet eminently accessible, combining elements of stark no-wave, 50s island exotica, 60s spy guitars, and somewhat "off" devotional music to craft oblique, pastoral pop tapestries of AM gold.

Message Centre was recorded at home over two months, based on demos dating from 2012. All songs were written and recorded by Conor Prendergast and Tessa Smith. Mastered by Richard White.

Release Date: May 20, 2014

  • 1. Message Centre (1:12)
  • 2. Out of reach (2:08)
  • 3. Gateway (1:47)
  • 4. Too long weekend (2:37)
  • 5. New Sun (1:49)
  • 6. Freeway (2:14)
  • 7. Get in step (2:14)
  • 8. Again (3:02)

Side A + B both feature the full track listing.


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Brave Radar - A Building

FR011 (26/05/09)

Image - A Building

"Montrealís Brave Radar perfected the immensely difficult and hugely rewarding dialectical synthesis of jarring tonality and warm, sunday afternoon coffee-in-triplicate pop."—Weird Canada

  • 01 Gigantic Park
  • 02 Take Notes
  • 03 Shimmer
  • 04 Field Guide
  • 05 By The Park
  • 06 Steep Side
  • 07 A Man On The Spot
  • 08 For Sport
  • 09 Construction
  • 10 Fireball
  • 11 Bestiary
  • 12 Line Storm
  • 13 Disintegrate
  • 14 Run

Edition of 200 CD-R (SOLD OUT)

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Brave Radar - Ultramarine EP


Image - Ultramarine EP

"Further expanding on the innocent sophistication of the Softies and Beat Happening [...] Brave Radar have [...] taken their sound a little more left-of-centre and injected it with a dose of freeform avant-pop weirdness (think Tori Kudo's Maher Shalal Hash Baz)."—Exclaim

  • 01 Sternwall
  • 02 Beast
  • 03 A Spike
  • 04 Glory
  • 05 Alternate Waves
  • 06 I Wail
  • 07 Coffee

Edition of 100 CD-R (SOLD OUT)

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