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Image - Homeshake

Illustration: Nickelas Johnson

Peter Sagar is waking up somewhere in Montreal, probably next to his girlfriend, probably with a cat asleep on his chest. Laying next to him is probably a rolled up piece of tinfoil containing weed, a gameboy colour, a half-chewed pack of tums, and a cell phone (service provider: fido). After arising to greet the mid-afternoon he's probably hitting his guitar along with his bong. Let's all put our hands together and thank god Peter is in his room somewhere doing something fresh.

The Homeshake Tape


Image - The Homeshake Tape

Limited run of 200 turquoise cassette tapes in clear plastic cases with full colour covers. "The Homeshake Tape" was recorded by Peter Sagar with the help of Mac DeMarco and Jackson MacIntosh. Album artwork by Salina Ladha.

Release Date: January 29th, 2013

  • Side A:
  • 1. Haters (3:31)
  • 2. I'm Too Young (1:45)
  • 3. Northern Man (2:45)
  • 4. Brothers (2:31)
  • 5. Sally (2:09)

  • Side B:
  • 1. Gettin' Down (2:21)
  • 2. Don't Try (1:56)
  • 3. See Ya (2:36)
  • 4. Moon Woman (4:05)

Cassette—SOLD OUT

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