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Image - Lantern

Photo: Ryan Collerd

Lantern is the collaborative Rock 'N' Roll band of Philadelphian musicians Emily Robb and Zachary Devereux Fairbrother and Montreal-import Christian Simmons (also of Sheer Agony). Lantern is what rock 'n' roll was: loud, oozy, inspiring, perspiring, pummelling directly forward yet cloaked in the arcane.

Black Highways and Green Garden Roads


Image - bhggr_cassette-cover

Lantern's second full-length album is a diverse and sophisticated collection of 14 songs that were recorded and mixed entirely analogue at The Bottle Garden in Montreal. More so than any of their previous albums, it was the result of collective studio experimentation, with the band actively seeking out new sounds, exploring unusual recording techniques, and patiently crafting beautiful arrangements. "Black Highways and Green Garden Roads" is Lantern's most immediate record yet, blending textures of psych, surf, and soul on a distinctly 60s-inspired rock 'n' roll canvas. In addition to our cassette version, this album is also available on 12'' vinyl through Sophomore Lounge Records.

Release Date: February 19th, 2016

  • Side A
  • 1. He Is A Pinball (2:12)
  • 2. Another Turn (2:19)
  • 3. Black And Green (2:08)
  • 4. Wait, Wait (3:20)
  • 5. We Are Here (4:37)
  • 6. Happy (3:03)
  • 7. Don't Worry Baby (It Won't Be Long) (2:40)

  • Side B
  • 8. Cry To Me (3:03)
  • 9. Dervish (3:27)
  • 10. Gravel (3:20)
  • 11. Green Garden Road (2:46)
  • 12. We Are Here Again (2:58)
  • 13. BLK HWYS (2:37)
  • 14. On My Side (2:39)

Cassette (includes download code) - $8 + shipping