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Mavo is a group that is just hanging out on a couch playing nintendo drinking and driving mario kart with good friends. just too lazy to go out ot parties and smokey to go to loft parties.

Q: There were 10 birds on the tree and the hunter shot 1 bird. how many birds are left?
A: None because all the other birds flew away with the first shot. this was pretty much our live show.

Mavo is a band with dignity and honor. we are noble nice normal people who value friendships and love and peace. we met at treeplanting in BC summer of 2004. conor was the best treeplanter in our tent. we quickly became friends and we formed a tap dancing group which later became mavo.

Mavo might not have many releases but they've been around since 2008. took a while to get their first 7" out but hopefully their 1st work is like a stew cooked in a slow-cooker. yum yum yum and lasts long time in the fridge. eat it for lunch a day after and next week.

Mavo is just happy to play a show once in a while and record once in a while. they ont expect much in return. they might fade away with just a handful of songs recorded and forgotten by popular music scene and rediscovered by some record nerds in future and gets handful of people in the world get excited. all of mavos favorite bands seem to took that paths and they are just happy as it is. can i hear amen? gonna eat some ramen. while listening to boys II men.

Mavo 7"


Image - Mavo 7

Montreal-based fuzzy guitar pop trio Mavo's self-titled debut EP presents three sharp and catchy songs that tap into the C86 jangle of bands like The Go-Betweens, Cleaners From Venus, and early Primal Scream.

This first collection of tracks is the culmination of 5 years of writing, playing, and recording, with many stops and starts along the way. Finally ready for release, Mavo 7'' is a modest but fitting introduction to the band's charismatic slacker spirit and unique take on fuzzy power pop.

Release Date: July 2, 2013

  • Side 1
  • 1. Mock My Accent
  • 2. Horrible Britpop Haircut

  • Side 2
  • 1. Totally Tired

7" Vinyl 45 rpm (includes download code) $7