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Moss Lime

Image - Moss Lime

Photo: Colette Raess

Moss Lime spent the summer in Parc Petite Italie, enjoying food and beverages from Lalime. One day they went to the swimming pool and another day they decided to play music together in a basement with a great dehumidifier.

July First


Image - July First

Moss Lime are a minimalist post-punk trio from Montreal via France and Toronto. Their debut EP, "July First" takes a refreshingly naturalistic and playful approach in its sparse arrangements for guitar, bass, and drums, which serve the group's idiosyncratic three-part vocal melodies above all else.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Bottle Garden by Peter Woodford.

Release Date: November 4th, 2014

  • 1. July First (2:12)
  • 2. Ice Cream Sandwiches(3:10)
  • 3. Calabria 2014 (2:48)
  • 4. Fish n Chips (3:04)
  • 5. Sac--Douche (2:20)

Side A + B both feature the full track listing.

Cassette—SOLD OUT

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