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Omon Ra

Image - Omon Ra

Omon Ra is the creative love child of the eternal minds of cosmorganisms Zachary Fairbrother and Daniel Miller. The aural specter of their Star Child has melted the being time of space and starred upon the pointless vibrations of THE DARK MATTER. With this knowledge they combine the disparate elements of the GODHEAD.

Mad Science and Magick are coalesced to mutate and transform vibration, noise, silence, and dance into alchemistic sound. They have no use (or interest) in measurements of any kind; it is all the same. They know sound (silence) emulates and reverberates from the same source, whether it is from the most remote regions of space or the tiniest particle that resides on the outer most tip of your fingernail, it has arrived.

Monolith 1


Image - Monolith 1

Monolith 1 was orignally self-released by Omon Ra as a 13-song cd-r that pre-dated The Halls Of Medicine. This Fixture Records re-issue includes 6 bonus tracks.

"Monolith 1 is a beautiful collection of lo-fi acoustic ditties"—The Coast

  • 01 Wabbi Sabbi
  • 02 200 Miles
  • 03 Aubade
  • 04 Don't Be A Tack
  • 05 Watch Me Start Fires
  • 06 Hotel
  • 07 Rice In A Bag On The Counter
  • 08 Countrymen
  • 09 Sleeve
  • 10 How High The Moon
  • 11 Little Flower
  • 12 At Martinique
  • 13 Simorgh
  • 14 Miniatures And Dumb Animals
  • 15 Whilhelmson (Alternate Take)
  • 16 Runny Nose
  • 17 Missing The Benzene
  • 18 Illullaby
  • 19 Bloody Nose


The Halls Of Medicine


Image - The Halls of Medicine

"Sounds as if it was recorded inside an astronaut's suit"—The Coast

"Dragged-out zoner-folk that is capable of some pretty exquisite atmosphere. [...] Comparable to Sic Alps but a little more patient, less truncated, more willing to just let a song be what it is."—Blastitude

  • 01 Fingers In
  • 02 Cakes Of Light
  • 03 Brownie Tam Tam
  • 04 Kon Tiki
  • 05 Continued Use
  • 06 Heavy Boots
  • 07 Between Pay In February
  • 08 Lovebomb
  • 09 Melon
  • 10 Sunburn
  • 11 Pearl Of Peru