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The Submissives

Image - The Submissives

Photo: Linx Selby

The Submissives succumb to man's every whim. Yearning for love and attention, they stagger blindly, tethered hopeless to a domestic mirage. They suffer with longing and pine for the boy who burdens them with this undying lovesickness.

Do You Really Love Me?


Image - Do You Really Love Me? cover

Cover photo: James Watts

The Submissives' new full-length album Do You Really Love Me? is a 15 song collection of warped lovesick pop, written and recorded in Montreal by Deb Edison.

Do You Really Love Me? is out now on limited-run cassette tape with digital download card, either by itself or in a 2-cassette bundle with The Submissives' earlier self-released cassette Betty Told Me. (combo sold out).

Image -Do You Really Love Me? - Cassettte case

The Submissives
Do You Really Love Me?
Release Date: September 9, 2016
Format: Cassette & Digital Download
Limited to 200 copies

Track Listing: