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Image - Postcards

Photo: Tessa Smith

Postcards combine propulsive drumbeats with darkly still vocals and melodic guitar to craft taut pop songs that haunt and stir.

Influenced by the leanness of bands like Beat Happening and the Vaselines, Postcards' self-titled cassette creates a textured landscape best suited to car stereos and bungalow dance parties.



Image - Postcards cassette

"[Postcards] have secretly found the intersection between The Cure and Beat Happening and itís the real soundtrack to The Lost Boys"—Weird Canada

  • Side A
  • 01 Because
  • 02 Gum
  • 03 You Won't Say
  • 04 Tell Them

  • Side B
  • 01 I Died
  • 02 Ocean
  • 03 Always Busy
  • 04 Mint
  • 05 CC
  • 06 Sunshine

Cassette—SOLD OUT

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